Anatomy Geometric
Exploration of neck anatomy with geometric shapes.
Boston Landing Mural
Fashion Dance
A portrait series using simple geometry to convey the way bodies and clothes interact in movement.
Geometric Animals
Wedding Portrait Commission
Owl Business Cards
Owl Business Cards design for Susan Salvo and printed by Mama's Sauce.
Raleigh Raw Mural
Mural created for Raleigh Raw juice. Collaboration with Wild Measure
Art in Print
In an effort to make art more accessible, Zone 3 makes limited edition art poster prints available for 25¢ at newspaper dispenser bins in Allston, MA. I was lucky enough to contribute one of my geometric portraits for this rad event.
Political Portraits
MÄDI Packaging Design
SVS Book Cover Mosaics
Geometric Portraits
Geometric portraits primarily focused on fashion, but there's also a cute penguin in the bunch.
Centro Mexican Restaurant Adverts
Advertising materials for Centro, a Mexican restaurant in Raleigh, NC.
Geometric Nudes
Party Down - Hand Drawn Geometric Font
Font for sale at Creative Market
Raleigh Raw Packaging
Packaging and alternates for Raleigh Raw, a collaboration with Wild Measure.
One Village Coffee Packaging
Packaging for One Village Coffee, a collaboration with Wild Measure
Hand-Lettered Posters
A series of hand-lettered posters for a couple of my clients
Various infographics for different clients.
Morocco & Spain Geometric
La Tour Hassan Palace in Rabat, Morocco. Based on a photo by @justinablakeney @thejungalow
Shape Letters
Some fun projects where I got to use basic shapes for the main text of each piece.
Art History Geometry • Remix
Fascinated by the concept of sampling in hip-hop and electronic music, I "remixed" some of my favorite artists' work by cropping, repeating, repurposing, and distorting their paintings to form a new picture.
Geometric Portraits 2
I asked people to send me photographic portraits of themselves, and I recreated them with simple shapes and colors.
Nude Geometric Portraits
Nude geometric portraits
"Paper" Shapes & Colors
"Paper" Shapes & Colors — Matisse-like shape exploration with the Paper53 app.
Geometric Portraits
Simplifying portraits to simple shapes and colors.
Animal Geometric
Exploring the anatomy of animals through geometry
Pattern Disruption
Experiments with disrupting the flow of basic triangular patterns
Compositions of Paintings with Colors
Compositions combining samples from paintings with solid colors.
Spiral Patterns
Spiral geometric patterns
Geometric Patterns
These are a couple reject concepts for an album art project.
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